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If your current windows aren’t doing the job they should be, you really do not have to wait until spring to enjoy the benefits of replacement windows. Many folks assume they can’t replace their windows in wintertime: It’s cold! It’s wet! They’ll be a giant gaping hole in my house! —Lo and behold, you can replace your drafty, failing windows during the winter months. We learned to work around rain! (Because this is the Northwest — it also rains in Sept, Oct, Nov, and March through May!)


But what about furniture, hardwoods, the cold, snow, do I have to move out?

—You don’t! We have drop cloths, ground covers, shoe covers, winter gear, plant protection — we are experienced in taking care of your home. Furthermore, window installation and home window repair is not as big a deal as you might think. The installation process itself goes pretty quickly (see *how we work), and you’re not going to have to worry about a gaping hole sitting in your house for days. In fact, there are actually even benefits to replacing your windows during the colder seasons: less bugs and greater scheduling flexibility, to name a few.

Signs That Your Windows Are in Need of Replacement:

Foggy Panes

Cracked or Broken Glass

Cold Drafts in the Winter

Excessive Condensation in Colder Months

Mold Around the Edges of Windows

Rotting Wood Windows

Leaky Vinyl or Aluminium Windows

Windows Not Operating Correctly

Excessive Exterior Sound

More Interior Dust and Dirt in the Summer Month

If your windows aren’t doing the job they should be, you don’t have to put off replacements until the weather is warm. Save yourself some serious money and comfort (and possibly more damaged to your home) and replace them when they need replacing, whatever the time of year.

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