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As experts in window installation, we know a thing or two about how to make home window installations in Portland, OR, a success. From start to finish, we provide an end-to-end service that focuses on helping you make the very best choice for your home.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to replacing windows, and you’ll need a partner to help you along the way. As industry leaders and expert window installers who have spent over a decade on custom projects, we know the pitfalls homeowners are bound to face — and what makes an installation a true success.

We look at it this way: a window’s aesthetic job is to compliment and showcase the look and feel of your home or building’s exterior. But you also want windows that match your needs in budget, security, and comfort. For any window installation in Portland, OR, opt for Clear Choice. From color to material to finish, we are the expert installers with an eye on every detail.

Why Choose Clear Choice for Portland Window Installation

We are a local, eco-friendly business specializing only in window and door replacements, and we are consistently involved in researching and advancing the techniques and processes that are emerging in our trade. The world of window replacement has changed a lot in the Pacific Northwest over the last fifteen years, and we have been following its evolution closely and even adding to those changes ourselves.

Our professionals will offer you courteous, efficient service and expert information on products, procedures, and even affordable financing. We will give you the most reasonable price available, we will finish the job exactly as discussed, and we will never, ever leave a mess. We are at the ready to provide you with an excellent experience.

Paving the way for energy efficiency

If you think your new window installation is an investment that only affects the look of your house, think again. One of the main gains that homeowners will experience after installing new windows is an increase in energy efficiency.

From stable interior temperatures to a more effectively-functioning HVAC system, your window installation keeps each individual room in your house comfortable; either well cooled or heated, and well-insulated.

Well-sealed windows that are crafted of high-quality, energy-efficient materials will also end up lowering your energy bill, making the cost of window installation worthwhile season after season, and year after year.

Your new windows will match your home’s exterior design

Clear Choice is different than the other professional window installers in Portland. With us, you’ll be able to have your choice of window manufacturers. We work with six industry-leading brands to provide our customers with the ability to customize the look and feel of their frames and designs, for a totally unique exterior look. 

New windows are more secure and safe

Over time, your window frames are bound to bow and become weathered by the elements. New window installations are more secure because the frames are measured down to the tee and your windows are sealed off tight. Added locking features on your new window installations provide extra protection from intruders, delivering greater peace of mind whether you are at home or away.

Dual-paned windows decrease noise pollution

Dual-paned windows reduce the amount of noise that filters in from outside. These windows come in a variety of thickness options, so you’ll be able to seal out the elements as well as the noise. This extra insulation is one of the most important window installation benefits because it’s what transforms your home into the quiet, comfortable haven that it should be.

Your property value will increase

A higher standard and quality of windows can enliven your home’s appearance, as well as eliminate drafts that can quickly turn off prospective buyers. By replacing your old windows, not only can you increase the comfort of your home, you can also increase the value of your home and your property.

How about a possible rebate check in the mail?

When you opt for window installations in Portland, you can benefit from the Energy Trust of Oregon, which offers cash rebate incentives for qualifying energy-saving windows — up to $4 per square foot. If this is something you’re interested in, we can guide you to the right window options for your home and complete the paperwork for you, from start to finish. 

How to Get Professional Window Installation Near Me

Because new windows can represent a beneficial but significant investment, you want to make sure you have the right Portland window installation contractor on your side. 

From our sales team to our installation specialists, Clear Choice team members are in the best possible position to advise you and guide your project. We will help you find the perfect windows for your home’s needs.

When considering professional window installers in Portland, here are the questions you need to ask:

  • How many years of experience do your window installers have?
  • What are the brands your company works with?
  • Do you have a portfolio of completed projects and testimonials or reviews that I can view?
  • Do the manufacturers you work with provide the type of windows I want to add to my home?
  • Are there options to customize the finish and frames on my window installations?

At Clear Choice Construction, we provide free quotes and consultation. During the consultation process, we’ll chat with you to figure out what your home needs. By working together, we can find a solution that’s ideal for your property.

Our Options for Installing Windows

Window installation costs and prices vary with the type of window and installation work. However, the average cost of window installation can go down dramatically when tailoring your new windows to the specific needs of your home, rather than doing an extensive overhaul you may not need. There are various options that allow you to rejuvenate your home’s windows without doing a full overhaul — unless, of course, you really need it. 

Sash Pocket Installation

Also known as a “pocket installation,” this is common in older homes with existing wood window sashes, where a window is manufactured to go inside an existing window frame. 

Nail Flange Installation

This is the standard choice of installation for newer homes. These are windows that come with a strip of metal along all edges, pierced and positioned to accommodate the nails. 

Block Installation

Homeowners that have brick, rock or concrete structures will need a block installation around their windows.

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