Multi-Family Window Replacement

Choosing the right contractor for your multi-family window replacement project is no light matter. It’s important to find a contractor with the right staffing, timeline, and know-how, who can handle the details of a large project — so your investment doesn’t go down the drain in a few years due to leaks, dry rot, pests…. And let’s face it, tenants today know the difference between old and new windows, and all the problems that come with them. (I’m looking at you, hazardous mold!) By replacing your old windows with energy efficient ones, your tenants with be happier (and healthier) — and your units will stay occupied.

Clear Choice has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. We’ve retrofitted a Gresham apartment complex and installed over 1100 windows; we’ve refreshed everything from a 4-plex in Beaverton to a yoga retreat in the Gorge that housed 70+ guest room facilities and over 130 windows (some with large plate glass windows as well as standard framed replacements).

We know that when it comes to large, multi-family window replacements, cost is the name of the game. With Clear Choice you never have to worry about compromising quality for cost — we do not alter our multi-family install techniques from our residential standards. As an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally, we can also help you access cash incentives to make energy efficient upgrades more affordable (a savings of up to $4 per foot).

Replacing drafty, failing, leaky windows with energy-efficient ones can do much more than save money and energy, though. It can also improve indoor air quality, reduce drafts and condensation, decrease outside noise, and increase curb appeal.

Consider Just a Few of the Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Replacements for Your Multi-Family Building:

Increased Property Value

Reduce Sound Transmission

A Reduction in Tentant Turnover

A Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Increased Health, Comfort, and Safety for Your Residents

Low Energy Costs Advantages in Competitive Real Estate Markets

Greater Accordance with Contemporary Building Codes/Green Building Standards

If you are considering new window replacements for your multi-family property, we welcome you to come check out our showroom and have an in-depth discussion with us about materials, measurements, installation, and energy efficiency. Take advantage of our position as a Three-Star Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon, and receive an energy savings rebate on your window replacements when you purchase energy efficient windows through Clear Choice.

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