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Often, the first thing customers want to know about window replacements is how much the project is going to cost them. Clear Choice is always upfront about costs. That being said, it’s nearly impossible to give a quote over the phone and have that amount be accurate. No contractor is able to pinpoint an exact price without first settling on the details with their clients, details such as: manufacturer, glass type, grids, where the windows are located on the house, materials, custom colors and designs, hardware options, energy efficiency, durability, and more.

If you drive around Portland, or know the city well, you’ll know that Portland homes are incredibly diverse, from bungalows in northeast to Rummer homes on the westside, to craftsmen-style homes dating back to the 1900s. All are architecturally unique and require close attention, so that the style of window replacements chosen for them are sure to compliment their particular character. Whichever type of Portland home you have, rest assured we can guide you to the best solution possible — one that aligns with your budget, style, and needs. (We also offer affordable financing options, and take care of all your Energy Trust of Oregon paperwork, so you don’t have to).

We’ve seen first hand how an installation project can completely rejuvenate and transform a home, bringing it back to life and modernizing the look and feel — not to mention its function. If you’re still on the fence about new window replacements, though, or looking for a more comprehensive picture of the aggregate benefits, the following will give you a clear view of all the advantages of window replacement.

Portland window replacement

Lower Energy Bills

In an average home, windows are the culprits behind 40% of energy and heat loss. Once you make the initial investment in energy efficient windows, you’ll see a significant difference on your energy bill — and this is not a gimmick. If there is a non-profit willing to subsidize window replacement, then it must save energy! — And there is. Energy Trust of Oregon is dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable power. As a Three-Star Trade Ally with Energy Trust, we can help you access their cash incentives, so it’s more affordable to improve your home’s energy efficiency. With energy efficient windows, your pocketbook will thank you, and your new windows will pay for themselves.

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Increased Comfort

New, energy efficient windows can eliminate annoying drafts and make your home feel warm when you need it to be warm, and cool when you need it to be cool. Just as important, new windows can drastically reduce “street noise,” providing you with a level of comfort and privacy you’ve never enjoyed before.

residential window replacement Portland

Greater Durability

Today’s energy efficient windows are simply better than the windows of yesteryear. Through their superior design and manufacture, they’re able to control or eliminate the condensation that can lead to premature deterioration of windows and wood sills. New windows can save you money on maintenance and replacement costs.

Enhanced Curb Appeal & Home Value

Windows and doors are the only features that can raise both the interior and exterior value of your home. By replacing your old windows, not only can you increase the comfort of your home, you can also increase its resale value.

Improved Safety & Security

Recent advancements in window design have produced windows that are more secure and user-friendly than ever. Added locking features provide extra protection from intruders, delivering greater peace of mind whether you are at home or away.

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