Reasons why homeowners replace their windows:

Lower Energy Bills — In an average home, windows are the culpit behind 40% of all energy and heat loss.

New, energy efficient windows can eliminate annoying drafts and make your home feel warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Just as important, new windows can drastically reduce “street noise,” and provide a level of comfort you’ve never enjoyed before.

Greater Durability — Today’s energy efficient windows are simply better built than the windows of yesteryear. Through their superior design and manufacture, they’re able to control or eliminate the condensation that can cause premature deterioration of windows and wood sills. So new windows can save you money on maintenance and replacement costs.

Enhanced Curb Appeal & Home Value — Windows and doors are the only features that can raise both the interior and exterior value of your home. By replacing your old windows, not only can you increase the comfort of your home, you can also increase its resale value. First impressions aren’t everything, but they are important!

Improved Safety & Security — Recent advancements in window design have produced windows that are more secure than ever. Added locking features provide extra protection from intruders, delivering greater peace of mind whether you are at home or away.