We Have Options for Romantics, too!

Oh, that night wind whistling through your bedroom window as you fall asleep–isn’t it romantic? And that foggy condensation that gathers upon your kitchen window—doesn’t gazing through it remind you of childhood daydreaming? Often the reason we fall in love with our home is due to the nostalgia its time-worn windows and doors evoke. Unfortunately, our love for those original windows and doors may keep us turning a blind eye to their obvious problems—and to the necessity for window and door replacements.

Drafts, condensation, difficulty opening, closing, or locking our windows, splitting wood, peeling paint, and light coming in where it shouldn’t—these are all strong indicators that it’s time to look into window and door replacements. If condensation is forming on your window glass, this is a clear sign that your windows are no longer insulating as they should. Problems with opening, locking, and closing can be an actual safety hazard, preventing you for entering or exiting your home in an emergency. Splitting wood and peeling paint allow moisture to enter into the wood itself, attracting termites and creating the potential for serious rot and mold. And light, like air, coming in where it shouldn’t, indicates leaks and costly compromises in seals.

Without a doubt, you are very fond of the look and craftsmanship of those old, classic wood windows and doors, but the high cost of energy bills and the comprise to your home’s structural integrity truly aren’t worth the trade-off—not with so many beautiful, energy efficient wooden window and door replacements on the market today. Companies such as Andersen and Milgard offer huge selections of classic wooden window designs, including Bay and Round Top. Meanwhile, Marvin offers the Infinity Series—Ultrex fiberglass replacement windows and patio doors that replicate the look of traditional wood windows while providing modern features and low-maintenance, long-lasting performance. If it’s a door replacement in particular that you’re considering, Therma-Tru offers beautiful, Classic-Craft fiberglass door collections boasting the unmistakable look and feel of real wood – but that will never warp or rot. And for those willing to entertain the possibility of wood alternatives? Innovative companies like Simonton are considered the maverick of vinyl windows, having developed durable, energy-saving technology with designs that outperform EnergyStar standards.

Whether you’re absolutely sure it’s time, or you just have a tiny, sneaking suspicion that your creaking, cracking, whistling, whining, dripping, fogging, beloved old windows and doors could (just maybe perhaps) be in need of replacements, give us a call. Replacing your windows and doors now will prevent further, more serious structural damage down the line—and the costly bills that comes with it. At Clear Choice Windows and Doors we understand nostalgia and romance. When you meet with us, you’ll be pleased to discover that new window and door replacements can be romantic, too!