Do the windows in your home look like they could use an upgrade? Do you feel drafts coming in during those chilly winter days? If so, it might be time to think about a replacement. When done correctly, a window upgrade can significantly improve your home’s appearance, comfort, and efficiency.

There are two popular options today when it comes to window replacements — insert or full frame. Whether you want to keep it simple with an insert replacement or are ready for a drastic change with a full-frame replacement, it’s important to know about the options that are available to you. This replacement windows contractor in St. Johns, Oregon is going to review them below.

Understanding your options

An insert window replacement is when you keep your original window frame and replace only the glass and moving parts. It’s a simple process, and it’s perfect if you are happy with the general style and structure of your current windows — but want to make them work better and look newer.

A full-frame replacement is more like a complete reset. You start from scratch (the studs), changing everything from the size to the style. Your replacement windows contractor in St. Johns, Oregon may recommend this option if your window frames are damaged or outdated, or if you want a completely new look for your home.

The benefits of insert window replacements

Let’s say your window frames are holding up well, but your windowpanes are worn and outdated. Insert replacement swaps out those old parts for new ones while keeping the reliable frame intact.

Insert window replacement is a relatively straightforward process. Since there is no removal of the entire window, the installation is quick and involves minimal mess. This means less hassle for you and your family — and before you know it, you’ll have windows that look and feel brand new.

Cost-effectiveness is another big plus. By retaining your existing frames, you can save money on materials and labor. And let’s not forget about the energy savings. Newer windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind, which means lower energy bills and a more comfortable living space year-round.

Situations when a full-frame window replacement makes sense

Let’s say your current window frames served you well, but now they are outdated, worn down, or not performing as they should. A full-frame replacement will be carried out to remove the old set — frames, sills, and all — and bring in something entirely new, modern, and high-performing.

Your replacement windows contractor in St. Johns, Oregon may recommend a full-frame replacement if there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. It’s not uncommon for older frames to have problems hiding beneath the surface, like wood rot, water damage, or poor insulation. These hidden problems can result in energy inefficiency or even structural issues. With a full-frame replacement, it’s easy to eliminate these issues and lay the foundation for beautiful, strong, and energy-efficient windows.

Full-frame replacements also open a world of design possibilities. Want bigger windows to let in more sunlight? Or maybe you want a bay window to add some style to your living room? If so, this could be your chance to reinvent your space.

Full-frame replacements are also ideal for older homes where the window frames have seen better days. Sometimes, keeping the old frames is not feasible or safe. Full-frame replacements allow you to preserve the character of your home while ensuring everything is up to current standards in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

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