There’s so much to enjoy about an indoor/outdoor living space. Whether the effect is achieved through sliding patio doors, French hinged doors, or other clever remodeling innovations, when your indoor living space is connected with the outdoors, the seamless flow between home and garden will lift the spirits and create a sense of roominess and luxury in a way that no other straightforward remodeling project can.

Many homeowners have transformed an entire light-blocking side of their home into a floor-to-ceiling patio door system, effectively blending their living room into their outdoor lounge, their dining area into their flower garden, or their kitchen into their patio. With a bit of expert consultation and the right glass door replacements, you can do the same for your home. Simply because a wall has been built does not necessitate it remaining a wall!

For those with small homes and much more limited floor space, the effects of replacing an old, obstructing, drafty backdoor with a clear, insulated, sliding glass one can be astounding. Companies such as Milgard offer several affordable sliding patio door replacements, and at Clear Choice Windows and Doors we can help you access cash incentives for making energy-efficient upgrades, as well as familiarize you with federal and state tax savings for your door replacements. We also offer payment option programs that will allow you to get your replacement door today without any out-of-pocket costs to you. A sliding patio door is your visual bridge to the outdoors, and with fresh air and sunlight spilling into your home, your modest living area will liven and brighten with your overall sense of space within your home being greatly expanded.
But remodeling with sliding patio or French doors does not have to be limited to the exterior of your home. Glass door replacements can bring light into interior spaces or hallways that don’t have windows, they can enable adjoining rooms to be closed off from one another, and they are an effective heat and sound barrier where privacy is not an issue. In fact, interior remodeling with glass doors is an excellent choice for those concerned with energy efficiency but who wish to maintain a sense of openness and flow within the home. French door manufacturers such as Andersen and Marvin offer a wide range of choices—from affordable to luxurious—that can be customized to blend and extend your interior living spaces.

If, like many people, you have been deterred from integrating your indoor and outdoor living spaces due to energy or security concerns, you’ll be pleased to know that glass replacement doors have come a very long way in the past twenty years. Therma-Tru door systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified, engineered with heat-reflective materials that stabilize temperatures and decrease energy costs in both summer and winter. Milgard and Andersen products are created using much tougher, thicker, and better-insulated glass than that of yesteryear, which substantially decreases energy bills as well as security risks.

If, after having considered the variety of door replacement possibilities available to you, your interest in creating an indoor/outdoor living space has been peaked, please give us as call at Clear Choice Windows and Doors, as we are happy to discuss options with you. Your indoor/outdoor home remodeling ideas are a pleasure for us to flesh out. Now is a great time to consider making the investment. We are here to help you bring the indoors outside, and the outdoors in.

written by: Anna Marie Brown