Leaving your A/C on throughout the summer months can be just as costly as winter heating, but you can reduce your high summer energy bills by following these energy saving tips:

  • For maximum ventilation, open windows both high and low in your home. Doing so
    pulls cool air in from down low and releases hot air up high.
  • Open windows at both ends of your home to let air circulate freely.
  • Close windows and blinds early in the morning before temperatures heat up. Open
    them up again in the evening to flush your home with cooler air.
  • Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows. By replacing older, single pane windows with
    well-insulated, heat-reflecting energy efficient windows, you will greatly cut
    down on the amount of heat entering (and lingering in) your home.

If your current windows aren’t doing the job they should be, now is the time to consider window replacements. Energy Efficient windows are your best bet for a cool, comfortable home in the summertime. Once you make the initial investment in energy efficient windows, you’ll see a significant difference on your energy bill right away. Your pocketbook will thank you, the sweltering heat won’t be a bother, and your new windows will pay for themselves.

written by: Anna Marie Brown