If you’re like most Portland homeowners, you’d probably rather sit in a hot car in the desert than go up to your attic in the summertime. But you can avoid an overheated attic (and the problems that come with it)…with proper ventilation!

While the rest of your house may be a cool, air-conditioned 70°F, summertime temperatures in a poorly ventilated attic can soar to over 130°F. Without proper attic ventilation, extreme, trapped heat can negatively impact the comfort of the rest of your home, lessen the life of the roofing above you, and result in trapped condensation.

Nature dictates that when two extreme temperatures meet—such as the hot sun on your roof and the cool air inside your home—condensation occurs. Over time, this on-going build-up of trapped condensation can lead to moisture, mold, and rot problems throughout your home. Natural air flow in a well-ventilated attic, on the other hand, moves excess heat out, protecting roofing, lowering energy bills, and decreasing the chances of moisture and mold.

Attic ventilation isn’t a magical cure-all for the overheated home, but it will go a long to preventing sub-tropical indoor conditions! The goal is to keep the ventilated attic as close to the outside temperature as possible.

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