Doors are the heart and soul of every home. They hold psychological and mystical weight in nearly every culture in the world. A bride is carried over the threshold; a horseshoe is placed above the frame to bring good luck; familial and spiritual symbols are hung there; shoes are removed before passing through. Doors are the protective boundary between hostile elements and sheltered hearth, and between public and private life. Doors are the gateway to sacred spaces. Doors are worth making a fuss about!

Because we are so passionate about portals at Clear Choice, we strongly urge inquiring parties not to cut corners when it comes to door replacement, and to talk to a professional before purchasing. Installing doors requires much more expertise that many people think, and if they don’t fit, close, or seal properly, they not only compromise a home’s security, but they can cause energy bills to soar. As experts in residential door installation, we install entry and patio doors of all types. Whether you’re in need of sliding doors for your patio, or a fresh entry door with secure locking system, we can get you outfitted with the perfect door — one that honors your home and your budget.

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