Windows serve many more functions that one might initially think. They are not simply the medium by which the sunlight enters into our home, they are also moderators of airflow, heat and cold, an accessory to our home’s beauty, and our view to the outside world. When considering purchasing new window replacements, follow these three guidelines to help facilitate your decision-making process.


Is your home modern, contemporary, craftsman, Spanish, Victorian, or? Which window replacements would best compliment your home’s architectural style, best highlight or accentuate its beauty and symmetry? Take some time to research the traditional design aesthetics of your home, so you’re sure to make the right style choices when you upgrade to new window replacements.


What function will your new window replacements serve? Consider how much light you wish to let in, how you want air to flow through home’s interior, and what your security concerns are. Do you want large, fixed windows that maximize the view, or are you more concerned about ample ventilation? Do you want your windows to hinge in or out, latch and unlatch easily, slide open vertically or horizontally, lock securely? Take into account the way your current windows function, and make note of how you’d want them to improve. Ask yourself: what would the best window replacement for each area of my home be like?


The most important thing to consider about performance when it comes to window replacements is climate. You can easily research window ratings online to see what the best windows are for your climate. (Consider the impact of wind and rain as well as heat and cold). Other topics to consider with purchasing window replacements are sound insulation, light filtering, and children’s activity around your home and neighborhood (do you need an impact resistant glass?). Remember that price doesn’t necessarily indicate performance, so don’t be mislead into paying more than necessary for quality window replacements that suit your needs. It can be overwhelming choosing the right window replacements for you home, especially considering how many energy efficient window replacements options there are out there, but don’t get frustrated. Contact Clear Choice Windows and Doors for assistance.

written by: Anna Marie Brown